Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day!

Everyone knows that tomorrow is Election Day... I hope that everyone takes advantage of this right and goes out to vote if you haven't already. :) We had a lot of fun learning about the election and voting in class today! We have been talking about who the candidates are for a while now and about how the voting process works. Today we had our mock election! We used a lot of resources from Jennifer Elliot's election mini-unit. First, every child received a ballot to vote for the candidate of their choice...
I got the cute ballot box from our local Dollar Tree! After voting, each child made a cute hat to wear to show everyone that they voted!
The kids loved being able to cast their vote secretly without telling anyone who they're voting for, just like in an actual polling place. So, who won the mock election in our class?
The vote was 14 for Obama, and 3 for Romney. One ballot had both choices colored, so we had a discussion about how that ballot isn't valid because there's no way to know which candidate the voter meant to choose. What kinds of things did you do in your classroom today?


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