Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Tips & Freebie E-Book!

I am so excited about the free E-book that's been put together and posted on Teachers Pay Teachers! It's our gift as sellers to all of the amazing teachers that support our stores! It is packed with some awesome tips and holiday freebies... so packed, in fact, that the PreK-2nd grade edition had to be split up it two! :) Click on the pictures below to grab these e-books! (I'm so excited to be on page 13 of the preK/K edition!)
A big thank-you to Krissy Minor for putting these together!


  1. Hi!!! I saw your post in the December goals on the TpT forum. I am your newest follower both on the blog and in your store.

    I just have to say.....I love these holiday e-books as well!!! Thanks to everyone that put them together!!!

    Mrs. B's Nook


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