Thursday, November 8, 2012

Turkey Writing Fun!

We had a great time writing about turkeys in class today! My kids seem to be stuck on calling them chickens, though! :) We'll just have to spend more time reading books about turkeys so that they can remember that turkeys are different from chickens. :) During our writing block, we worked together on a tree map to describe turkeys... I projected a copy with the document camera and we brainstormed together as a group. I gave each of my kiddos their own tree map to follow along with mine...
After completing our tree maps, I showed them how to use the words from the map to form sentences about turkeys. They did an awesome job!!
I was so proud of how hard they worked on this! I used this as a guided writing activity where they had a lot of support from me. But, if your kiddos are older or more advanced, you could let them fill in the tree maps themselves with words of their choosing. Either way, though, this is great practice using a graphic organizer to brainstorm during writing time!
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