Thursday, January 31, 2013


When you were a kid, did your siblings or friends ever say, "Today is Opposite Day?!" We used to have Opposite Day all the time, and I remember it really annoying our mom! :) A few days ago we had Opposite Day in our classroom... Opposite Morning, really. It was so much fun!

We read Eric Carle's Opposites... what a cute book! It's simple, but the colorful illustrations really held my kids' attentions!

After reading, we talked about the opposites in the book and thought up some more of our own. Each child illustrated a card with a word I had written at the top. Then, they had to find their opposite partner and present their opposite pictures to the class. What a great way to practice the Common Core standard SL.K.6: Speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly.

After we finished our opposite cards, we put them on a poster!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let's Talk Ten Frames!

Ten frames have become one of my favorite math tools in this classroom this year! I love how versatile they are and how they can be adapted to teach so many math skills... especially those in the Common Core!

We started using ten frames very early on in the school year to work on counting. Even before I explained to the kids what a ten frame is, we used them to lay out our manipulatives during counting practice. They started to see that there were ten boxes on their counting mat and, before long, they were able to recognize how many objects they had laid out without having to actually count!  Hello subitizing!

This year I also hung new number posters on the wall that have ten frames on them... I love having these posters up because the kids can refer to them anytime and they are able to see the ten frame formations for each number.

Now that we've moved into making number combinations, and will soon be working on addition, ten frames have become my best friend during math! We are using them in so many ways... our favorite this week has been a build-it game using two ten frames and number cards 0-20. My kiddos draw out 2 cards and build one number on the ten frame using one color unifix cubes, then add the second number onto the frame using a different color unifix cubes. Then, they see how many they have all together. They've caught on really well!

We are also loving Ten Frame Bingo!

If you need some ten frame activities to use in your classroom, check out my Ten Frame Fun pack!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to reality!

Well, today is the end of my long and wonderful Christmas Break! I've really enjoyed staying up late and watching episodes of Friends, and I've loved sleeping in as late as I wanted to! But, it all ends tomorrow morning when that alarm clock goes off at 5:30! The school was open today and I did break my rule about never going in on a weekend... but, our carpet was cleaned during break, so my tables and some other furniture needed to be put back. I was dreading the thought of doing it before school on Monday, so I stopped in for a short time to get everything put back in order.

As much as I feel sad about break ending, I'm excited about seeing how much my kids have grown during our 18 days apart! We have some fun things planned this week, too! We're going to work on some New Year goal setting tomorrow and make a cute 2013 hat to wear to lunch! Our theme for the next two weeks is Winter, and I can't wait to pull out all of my Winter books for our read-alouds. Living in the south, our kids don't see much snow, so it's up to our books to help us experience Winter! :)

We're going to be making snowman glyphs, completing a book study on Jan Brett's The Mitten, and writing about what we'd like to do in the snow! Next week we're focusing on Polar Animals... penguins are my favorite!

If you're looking for some fun Winter activities to get your kiddos back into the swing of things, check these out...

And my Snowman Glyph Freebie!

Have an awesome week!

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