Monday, March 4, 2013

Four day week...

Don't you just love a good four day week? Part of me has a love-hate relationship with them, though... of course I love having a Friday off! But, the rest of the week always feels a little rushed as we try to pack everything in!

This week we're starting our unit on measurement! I love teaching measurement to my kiddos and they always seem to have so much fun with it! This year, our school is placing a HUGE emphasis on vocabulary... today we focused on the terms "longer" and "shorter". Maria Menore's Shorter and Longer freebie was PERFECT to use for this! My kids did such an awesome job cutting their colored strips into two pieces and comparing them to see which was longer and shorter. When we were finished, they asked to do it again! That's the sign of a successful learning activity!


Check out my latest freebie on TPT!


Enjoy your week!


  1. I just found your through TPT. Thank for the CUTE Spelling freebie! Love it! Your blog is awesome; I am your newest follower. :) Please feel free to visit me sometime at


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