Thursday, April 11, 2013

Painting with Q-Tips!

What a long week this has been as we creep s-l-o-w-l-y to Spring Break! Yes, it seems like a really late Spring Break... but, our county chooses to take the break after state testing. I'm looking forward to the week off!

I wanted to share something that we've done a few times in class this year that my kids absolutely L.O.V.E... painting with q-tips!

 Whenever we do a whole group painting activity, I never have enough paintbrushes to go around... so one day we decided to use q-tips instead and it worked wonderfully! Each table will get the necessary colors on paper plates with a few q-tips on each one.


 We talk a lot about how we only get paint on one side of the swab and we don't mix colors. The kids catch on very easily! (Well, except one kid from the table in the picture above.  Unfortunately, we're not always using our listening ears!)

Last week we painted butterflies. We talked about symmetry and we painted one wing, then folded the butterfly and rubbed to make the paint transfer onto the other side. The kids were amazed and had so much fun!


 I know that painting with kindergarten kids can sometimes be a scary thing... can you say messy?? But, they are so engaged when we paint and they have a lot of fun. And using the small q-tips is awesome for those fine motor skills. Try it!


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