Monday, May 20, 2013

School's Out!

Well, technically school was out this past Thursday. However, since I had post-planning on Friday and today, I now consider school to be officially out for summer! After a crazy year with my kiddos, I am ready to relax! When summer rolls around each year, I usually get a lot of questions from my non-teacher friends about what I plan to do with all of my time off. Sleep! Read! Catch up on my DVR shows! Hang out by the pool! Go to the beach!

But, even with all of those relaxing things planned, I will also find plenty of time to plan for next year and work in my classroom. I have to visit my classroom in the summer, because there isn't enough time during pre-planning to get my room set back up after shutting it down for summer and getting it ready for carpet cleaning. When I left today, it looked like this:

And thank goodness for the carpet cleaning! Let's play "Can You Name The Source of This Stain?" Gross!

Stay tuned later this summer to see what my room looks like when I get it back together!


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