Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List!

Miss Kindergarten, Cupcake for the Teacher, and A Modern Teacher are hosting the 2013 Summer Bucket List Linky Party!  I've decided to join in and post mine!


I cannot wait to get back to Myrtle Beach this summer!  We vacationed there 2 years ago, and I fell in love!  Last year we spent a week in Virginia Beach, and I just found myself thinking about Myrtle while we were there.  Cannot. Wait.


Organize my house!  Especially the bathrooms!  I am so busy during the school year that by the time summer rolls around, there are a lot of areas that have been neglected, and organization is one of them! I bought a set of containers today so I can get started on this one very soon!


Put my embroidery machine to use!  I haven't had it for very long and I've done a few projects with it, but not nearly as much as I set out to do when I first purchased it!  


READ!  I slack so much in this area when school's in session.  I finished a book yesterday and started a new one today, so I'm doing pretty well with this one already.


And last, but definitely not least, I plan to work on new projects for my TpT store!


  1. Great bucket list! Oh how I wish to visit a beach! :-)

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  2. It seems like everyone is going to Myrtle Beach. I want to go!! Have fun!

  3. I LOVE organizing!!! Can't wait to see what you do! Thanks for linking up! :)

  4. HI! Newest follower from the Neighborhood blog party! That is a pretty good bucket list... I think obviously the beach sounds the best. I do need to pull my sewing maching out too to get some things done! :) We are just starting Kindergarten so I know you will have some valuable resources for me.

  5. I have visited Myrtle Beach every year since a kid. Virginia Beach does NOT hold a candle to MB. If you get a chance go up the road a bit to Bald Head Island. It is a beautiful place and could make a long day trip.
    Have a great summer !

  6. Ohhh! I need to organize my house, too. I love that photo of the cupboard.
    Polka Dot Kinders


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