Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Day!

The first day of school is over!  What an exciting and crazy day we had in kindergarten!  I only have 14 sweet babies on my roll at this time, and I am loving that!  Last year I had 22, so 14 is a HUGE change and one that I'm hoping will stick.

I had planned to take pictures of things we did today, but I was running all around and just didn't have time!  This year I decided to make a chart with the kids titled "I Want My Teacher to Be..." My kiddos had some great things to say!  They want a teacher who is nice, happy, a good artist, wonderful, friendly, funny, sweet, and honest.

So, overall we had a great first day!  The kids were disappointed that we couldn't go to the playground because it was raining... but hopefully they can get out there tomorrow!

And classroom pictures will be coming soon!


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